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Between our Timaru and Rolleston facilities we have over 64,000 tonnes of storage capacity, covering ambient controlled, chilled and frozen, together with 280 tonne per day of blast freezing that’s suitable for a wide variety of products. Our spaces range from large warehouses to smaller, client specific rooms that are generally tailored for an exclusive use. All products entering our facilities are scanned in to our inventory system, which is then available live for you to view, ensuring you know exactly what you have stored with us.

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Cold Storage Warehousing

Our facilities offer a wide range of storage options that are designed to be flexible around your requirements. From a smaller client specific chilled space to large frozen stores, we have over 64,000 pallet spaces between our Timaru and Rolleston sites. Satellite racking and radio shuttle retrieval are a major aspect of the efficiency of our operations, ensuring your goods are placed, stored and retrieved with minimal handling.

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Containers: Import & Export

We have the capability to service import and export containers of all sizes. Our sites are MPI approved transitional facilities, equipped with all the necessary equipment required to efficiently handle the packing or devan of containers. Slip-sheet or hand stack, we have the staff, equipment and expertise to cover all requirements from domestic to international destinations.

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Logistical Services

Running our own fleet of hard side, curtain side and skeletal trailer units offers our clients the opportunity to consolidate and control product movements under one umbrella. Access to road and rail movements throughout New Zealand and the rest of the world is simplified by our locations being in close proximity to the airport, roads, rail and ports.


Blast Freezing

Our blast freezers have a capacity of 280 tonne per day and are capable of handling a variety of products. Blast freezing times vary depending on product type and how they are presented. The blast freezers are located adjacent to our frozen stores and ELA, so transfer of product directly to store, truck or container is seamless and contained within the building.

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